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Reasons for the different prices of waste tyre plastic pyrolysis equipment

2021-04-19 10:24:39

When the customer consulted and purchased waste tire pyrolysis equipment, they found that the quotations of different manufacturers for the same equipment were different, which was very different. Therefore, waste tire pyrolysis equipment manufacturers conduct a comprehensive analysis based on customer feedback, equipment quality, technology and other aspects, which are mainly affected by the following aspects.

1.Different manufacturing materials ! The main raw material of waste tire pyrolysis equipment is steel. However, different steel materials have different quality, material and performance, so their corrosion resistance, weldability and oxidation resistance are also different. Different manufacturers choose different steels, which will directly affect the manufacturing cost of waste tire pyrolysis equipment.

2.The complexity of the process is different ! Different manufacturers produce waste tire pyrolysis equipment with different technological complexity, and the simplicity and complexity of the craft directly depend on the technical level of the manufacturer.

3.Different oil yield ! The oil output rate of different waste tire pyrolysis equipment is different, which is mainly related to the technology of the equipment. Regarding the condenser, if the condenser has fewer processes and insufficient oil and gas cooling, the oil output rate will also be reduced a lot, and vice versa.

4.Different configurations !The configuration of waste tire pyrolysis equipment is different, and the price will also vary greatly. Even for the same model, different configurations will result in different prices. Such as exhaust gas treatment equipment, flue gas treatment equipment, dust treatment equipment, safety warning treatment devices, etc., these environmental protection configurations are very important.

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