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Latest Continuous Static Pyrolysis Carbonization Plant

Raw Material Of Pyrolysis Plant

    Final Product Usage
    Pyrolysis oil (45-55%) 1. Can be reprocessed by oil distillation machine to extract diesel if the customers want to sell it at a better price.
    2. The diesel can be used as fuel oil to many large types of machinery
    3. Can be recycled to the furnace for heating the reactor
    4. Can be sold directly, widely used in ceramic factory, cement factory, steel factory and so on
    5. Can be used directly in the heavy oil generator to get electricity
    Carbon black (30-35%) 1. Can be reprocessed through carbon black grinding plant, such as use in rubber industry , black dye, paint
    2. Used in tire manufacturing, cables, conveyor belts, soles and other rubber and plastic products
    3. To make briquette and construction brick4. sell directly
    Steel wires from waste tire(10%-15%) 1. Sell directly on the market 
    2. Recycle them in steel factories to make steel bars
    Combustible gas(8%-10%) 1. Can be reused to supply heat for the pyrolysis reactor 
    2. Can generator to power electricity 3. Compressed into liquid gas

Technical Date

    • Item Latest Static Pyrolysis Carbonization System
      Raw Material whole tire or baled tire plastic
      Daily Capacity According to own situation combined,such as 30T/D or 60T/D,even higher capacity
      Consumption cost 1. Average power 30kw/h
      2. No need external fuel, can be fully utilized heat reactor from exhaust gas and carbon blocks from self-generated
      3. Manual 2-3 people/shift
      Safety and environmental 1. Manual put the material carrier
      2. The pyrolysis reaction is over,it becomes a solid without dust pollution
      3. No transmission device, not leakage and other risks

Lvkun Continuous Static Pyrolysis And Carbonization Process

    • Item Latest Continuous Static Pyrolysis And Carbonization Process
      Composed of multiple production units Except for shared waste gas generated by itself, each production unit does not affect each other during normal production, and each production unit is composed of two sets of static cracking reaction devices, which are switched to each other. The daily capacity of each unit is 4.5 tons-5 tons; customers can choose the daily capacity according to own condition
      Production process introduction First, put the whole tire or baled plastic into three module carriers, and put them into the static pyrolysis reactor at one time. After filling each static pyrolysis reactor, start preheating from reactor A. After hours, start to heat the reactor B, and by analogy, heat the different reaction separately. Due to the time difference of reaction, each reactor can mutually use the waste gas generated by itself. Because each production unit does not affect each other during the production process, a crane can be used to replace the reaction in each production unit according to the actual situation
      Production final product After the replaced reactor is allowed to stand for 2-3 hours, the steel wire and carbon block can be removed by a forklift. Because it is statically pyrolysis into solid carbon blocks, there is no carbon black dust pollution
      Static pyrolysis heating Since the static pyrolysis heating reaction is stable, the generation cycle of oil gas is not as concentrated and violent as the batch system. Therefore, the exhaust gas generated by itself can be fully utilized, and the oil and gas can be fully cooled, which greatly reduces the possibility of exhaust gas emission and increases oil yield
      Make full use of own gas no need other fuel The carbon block produced by static pyrolysis can be directly used to heat the static reaction device. Since each static pyrolysis production unit makes full use of the exhaust gas and carbon block generated by each other, no other fuel is needed during
      Safety and environmental The whole production process is composed of a pressure control system, an automatic alarm and a pressure relief system to ensure the safety of the normal process

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