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Henan Lvkun Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd

The main business of Lvkun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is the research and development, production, sales, service and import and export trade of waste tire plastic pyrolysis equipment, waste sludge disposal equipment, biodiesel production plant,waste oil distillation equipment, domestic waste pyrolysis equipment,biomass carbonization plant and related equipment innovative enterprise. Since our company establishment, the company has been focusing on waste pyrolysis and recycling technology. At present, Lvkun equipment has been exported to more than 100 countries including India, Brazil, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, etc., and is widely used in the global waste pyrolysis and recycling industry with good economic benefits and environmental benefits.
Lvkun Company Service System
  • Customized Service

  • Assistance Get A Permit

  • Equipment Installation

  • Staff training

  • After-sales service

Customized Service

Henan Lvkun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. can provide targeted customized services for customers of various scale projects. Including designing and providing production lines with different processing capacity according to customer needs; designing and providing different process flow and equipment configuration according to the different raw materials provided by the customer and the required end products; we can go to the customer’s project location, and providing the design of drawing according to the customer’s existing site.

Assistance Get A Permit

Our company will do its best to assist customers in handling relevant government permits for project operations. In the process of submitting approval documents to the government as designated by the customer, our company will provide technical equipment, plant and other related data as required to ensure the qualifications of the project location, such as the CE certification required in the European Union. In the acceptance phase after the completion of the project.

Equipment Installation

During the equipment installation and construction phase, our company will send engineers to the site to provide guidance services for the installation work, and both parties will work together to complete the qualified installation of the production line within the set timetable with quality and quantity. After the installation is completed, it will enter several stages such as commissioning and trial production as required. Each step enters the next stage of work under joint inspection by both parties.

Staff training

Our company provides customers with comprehensive personnel training services, so that the operators are familiar with the working principle of the equipment, equipment performance, how to adjust the operating parameters through the control system, and the equipment startup and shutdown procedures. Ensure that customers can independently complete equipment operation, parameter adjustment and routine maintenance of equipment.

After-sales service

After the delivery of the equipment and production line, our company will provide technical after-sales service to customers.We will keep abreast of on-site operation conditions through the Internet and other means, and provide customers with timely and effective data analysis, technical guidance and equipment accessories and other services.

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