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Baled and Briquetting Machine

Description Of Vertical Baler Machine

  • Vertical small capacity baler machine is mainly used for baling cartons,waste tyre, plastic,waste paper packing etc. It’s known as tire baler or plastic baler. It is designed as vertical structure, hydraulic Transmission, electrical control and manual binding. Usually the pressure force of this series is from 10 tons to 100 tons KN, the efficiency is 4 -6 bags per hour. The weight of each piece is from 30 Kg to 500 Kg according to the material. Also, we can produce the machine according to cleints requirement.

Item Features of Tyre Plastic Baled Machine
Save labor cost After the baled machine is electrified, it is not necessary to install the machine. It can directly operate the control lever to start the compression work, which can effectively save the labor cost
Automatic producing Automatic chain bale ejector for quickly and easily ejecting bales out from the machine
Operation safety The ram will stop running downwards when feeding gate is opened which ensure the safety of the operation
Automatic feeding Feeding open door lifts upwards automatically when the platen goes up
European standard Equipped with European and USA standard anti-rebound gate structure which makes sure safety of operation
Special guide Special ram guides design makes the platen not slope because of uneven materials feedings during compression. Equipped with seals that from Japan means longer life of the seals

Description Of Plastic Briquetting Machine

Item Features of Waste Plastic Briquetting Machine
Low investment This production is of low investment, low consumption, stable performance, high efficiency and large capacity. And it just need 3 workers finish all work
Long life The mold and some parts are made from hard materials which increase the long life briquetting machine using of waste plastic
Automatic system Automatic feeding and discharging system. The small type machine can be free moving with wheels or fixed
Briquettes size The outlet briquettes size can be 20-50mm diameter
Briquttes usage The outlet briquettes are usually used for heating, burning for boiler, electric generating plant and so on

Technical Date

  • Model Capacity Bale Size Bale Weight Efficiency Power Machine Weight Size
    LKB-10 10 Ton 800*400*600mm 50-70KG 4-6 Bale/Hour 7.5KW 520KG 1450*750*2750mm
    LKB-20 20 Ton 800*400*600mm 70-100KG 4-6 Bale/Hour 7.5KW 560KG 1450*750*2750mm
    LKB-30 30 Ton 1000*600*600mm 120-150KG 4-6 Bale/Hour 11KW 700KG 1650*950*2750mm
    LKB-40 40 Ton 1000*600*600mm 200-250KG 4-6 Bale/Hour 11KW 800KG 1650*950*2750mm
    LKB-60 60 Ton 1200*800*800mm 250-300KG 4-6 Bale/Hour 15KW 1600KG 1500*1100*3150mm
    LKB-80 80 Ton 1200*800*800mm 260-350KG 4-6 Bale/Hour 18.5KW 2000KG 1500*1100*3150mm
    LKB-100 100 Ton 1200*800*800mm 600-700KG 4-6 Bale/Hour 18.5KW 2500KG 1500*1100*3150mm

Lvkun Waste Plastic Briquetting Machine Technical parameters

  • Model LKY-800 LKY-1000 LKY-1200 LKY-1400 LKY-1600
    Power(kw) 36 45 55 75 90
    Capacity(kg/h) 1500-1800 2000-2600 2800-3000 3400-4000 4500-5000
    Die Number 36 45 60 80 100
    Roller Number(PCS) 2 2 2 2 4
    Dimension(mm) 5000*1000*2500 6500*1000*2500 6500*1000*2500 7500*1200*2500 10500*3600*2600
    Length of Belt Conveyor(mm) 4000 5000 5000 6000 8000
    Weight(kg) 2800 3500 4500 6000 8000

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