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Analyze the working principle of waste plastic refining and dewaxing equipment

2021-04-19 10:20:29

1.The mixed waste plastics are continuously sent to the pyrolysis system through the feeder, and preheated during the transportation, the low-melting PVC plastics in the middle are cracked, so that the HCl and other materials in the waste plastic pyrolysis equipment are treated separately.

2.After the pyrolysis oil and gas are fractionated by a fractionation tower, and processed by fixed bed secondary catalysis, dewaxing and other processes, high-quality fuel oil and a small amount of combustible gas are obtained.

3.After the small amount of non-condensable combustible gas produced by pyrolysis purified by the combustible gas purification system, it is supplied to the pyrolysis system as fuel to complete the system’s self-sufficiency in heating. After incineration, the flue gas is purified by the flue gas system and discharged up to the standard.

4.A small amount of solid residues after the raw materials pass through the waste plastic pyrolysis equipment are automatically and continuously discharged from the pyrolysis system, and can be made into fuel rods for harmless treatment.

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