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Carbon Black Processing Machine

Description Of Pyrolysis Carbon Black

  • Item Description Of Pyrolysis Carbon Black
    The crude carbon black after pyrolysis Waste tyres after pyrolysis, we can get metal parts, fuel oil, steelwire and carbon black. Metal and gas can be recycled. Fuel oil can be distilled into diesel . Carbon black can be further processed into different sizes, and broadly used in rubber and painting industry. As one of the pyrolysis products, pyrolysis carbon black accounts for about 30%-35% of the total pyrolysis products. The crude carbon black after pyrolysis of tyre is black powder like solid matter, the weight is extremely light, and the density is only about 0.56gm/cc. It is easy to fly into the air and cause pollution. It needs to be transported and stored in a closed environment
    Carbon black itself can be deep processing Carbon black itself can be reused, but if it is not properly treated, it will easily cause secondary pollution and waste of resources. Therefore, the high-value utilization of pyrolysis carbon black has a bright future and a huge market. After deep processing, it will increase the profitability of the tyre pyrolysis industry. The carbon black deep processing equipment provided by lvkun environmental can increase the value of carbon black

    Carbon black treatment after pyrolysis


      Carbon black treatment after deep processing

      Carbon Black Treatment After Usage

      • Item Carbon Black Treatment After Usage
        N550 This product is suitable for natural rubber and various synthetic rubbers. Reinforcement performance, elasticity and recovery are better. Mainly used in tire cord rubber, sidewalls, inner tubes, and extrusion and calendering products
        N660 This product is suitable for all kinds of rubber, with high tear resistance, small deformation, good elasticity and resistance to yaw. Mainly used for tire and wheel curtain tapes, inner tubes, bicycles, hoses, cables, shoes, calendered products, model products, etc
        N774 This product is suitable for all kinds of rubber, with tear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and oil resistance. Its characteristic is that it can be filled in large quantities and the rubber material has good processing performance. Used in tire cords, inner tubes, footwear and calendered products, natural rubber, nitrile rubber products, both reinforcing and filling functions

Technical Date

  • Model LKC600 LKC800 LKC1000 LKC1200 LKC1400
    Finished Product Fineness D100(<um) 45 45 45 45 45
    325 Mesh Sieve Residue <0.01% <0.01% <0.01% <0.01% <0.01%
    Grain Type Size(mm) 0.5-2.5 0.5-2.5 0.5-2.5 0.5-2.5 0.5-2.5
    Capacity(10,000tons/year) 0.3-0.5 0.5-0.8 0.9-1.7 1.3-2 1.8-3
    Power(kw) 30 54 90 130 200

Lvkun Deep Processing Process Drawing

  • Lvkun Deep Processing Process Flow

    • Item Lvkun Deep Processing Process Flow
      Pyrolysis Using pyrolysis equipment under high temperature,the coarse carbon black is pyrolysis in the form of negative pressure and part of the corresponding ash is neutralized
      Iron removal The automatic high-magnetic iron remover further separates the steel wires from the carbon black
      Ultra-fine grinding The ultra-fine grinding classifier grinds the coarse carbon black to meet the required fineness d100 of the filler <45um, and the residue on the 325 mesh sieve <0.001%
      Granulation Make good carbon black ultrafine powder by adding a certain amount of water and binder into carbon black particles that do not affect market applications, and optimize the packaging process
      Drying The water added quantitatively during the drying and granulation process
      Conveying and packaging According to the requirements of the production process, the entire process is automated for conveying and warehousing; combined with terminal application customization, 20-25kg small bag packaging and 750-1000kg ton bag packaging are implemented

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