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Mini Pyrolysis Plant

Raw Material Of Pyrolysis Plant

  • 2-3tons capacity mini pyrolysis plant is most popular ! Free installation testing in our factory and easier delivery by 1* 40HQ container ! When you get oil sample from this pyrolysis system , you can test the oil quality of different raw materials for future big capacity!


    Final Product Usage
    Pyrolysis oil (45-55%) 1. Can be reprocessed by oil distillation machine to extract diesel if the customers want to sell it at a better price.
    2. The diesel can be used as fuel oil to many large types of machinery
    3. Can be recycled to the furnace for heating the reactor
    4. Can be sold directly, widely used in ceramic factory, cement factory, steel factory and so on
    5. Can be used directly in the heavy oil generator to get electricity
    Carbon black (30-35%)   1. Can be reprocessed through carbon black grinding plant, such as use in rubber industry , black dye, paint
    2. Used in tire manufacturing, cables, conveyor belts, soles and other rubber and plastic products
    3. To make briquette and construction brick
    4. Sell directly
    Steel wires from waste tire(10%-15%)   1. Sell directly on the market 
    2. Recycle them in steel factories to make steel bars
    Combustible gas(8%-10%) 1. Can be reused to supply heat for the pyrolysis reactor 
    2. Can generator to power electricity 
    3. Compressed into liquid gas

    Lvkun Mini Pyrolysis Equipment 3D Drawing

      Item Function
      Reactor high temperature pyrolysis under full closed condition,convert to fuel oil
      Manifold light oil gas go up and heavy oil gas go down, height affects the quality of oil and gas
      Oil Cooling large and enough cooling area to gurantee the effection of oil cooling , and takes short time to overhaul compared with other suppliers
      Dedusting ensure the flue emmission meet European Standard
      Hydroseal prevent fire back to oil gas pipes , ensure pyrolysis machine and staff’s safety  
      Discharging to discharging carbon black automatically with full -close ,more environmental

Technical Date

  • Model LKP-3
    Size of Reactor D1400*L4000mm
    Daily Capacity Plastic: ≤3T/
    Whole tyre: ≤2T/
    Rubber particles: ≤3T/
    Oil sludge: ≤3T/D
    Power 15kw/h
    Working Method Intermittent/Batch
    Heating Material Natural gas/Oil/Wood/Coal/LPG and so on
    Reactor Thickness 12mm/16mm/18mm
    Rotate Speed of Reactor 0.4turn/minute
    Cooling Method Water cycling cooling
    Container Required 1*40HQ

    Lvkun Mini Plant Unique Advantage

    • Item Lvkun Mini Plant Unique Advantage
      Automatic Screw Discharging With automatic carbon screw discharging system for avoiding fly ash pollution and more safety as well ! No need labor open any door when discharging...some supplier may supply cheap design like discharging from the loading door, it would be need waiting more time for cooing system below 50 degree and open the door by manual.. Our machine design meet worker safety and environmental protection required
      Two Batch One Day 1hours feeding, 2hours preheating, 2-3hours production, 4hours cooling in 100-120 degree, 30minute discharging..10hours can finish one batch, so you can feeding two batch one day
      Free Installation The Mini pyrolysis and distillation plant already finished installation and testing in our factory before delivery
      Low Transportation Cost Integrated into a production module, one container can be transported away
      Low Labor Cost Two worker to operate the feeding and discharging slag
      Simple Operation Only need connect power and water when get pyrolysis plant. We will doing a video installation and training, organize a installation manual for you

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