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Tire plastic oil refining is inseparable from a set of good pyrolysis equipment

2021-04-19 10:12:37

At present, the world’s oil market is not very optimistic. Petroleum resources are non-renewable resources, and they are gone if they are used, and its generation process needs to be buried underground for millions or even tens of millions of years. The application of waste rubber refining technology can alleviate the world’s oil crisis!

If someone asks, what has changed on the road twenty years ago and twenty years later? It is that there are more and more cars. Twenty years ago, there were very few cars on the road, and parents can safely put us on the road and run. At that time, there was not much oil extraction in each country. Nowadays, there are more and more cars on the road, and the consumption of oil is also increasing. The country continues to control oil prices, but it still can’t stop many people from buying private cars!

Waste tire plastic oil refining equipment, this phenomenon is well alleviated. It uses waste raw materials, through special process processing, can produce gasoline, diesel, etc. Especially in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy conservation and environmental protection now, it is able to show its talents!

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