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LKP-15 tire pyrolysis plant shipped to India

2024-07-06 16:16:44

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more countries are paying attention to the issue of waste tire treatment. As a sustainable solution, waste tire pyrolysis equipment not only effectively solves the environmental treatment problem of waste tires, but also brings us great economic benefits through the fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire produced by the pyrolysis equipment. India is one of the major markets for waste tire pyrolysis treatment. Since 2024, more and more Indian customers have come to our factory to visit, inspect, and purchase pyrolysis equipment, giving great recognition to the quality and service of our equipment. Customer satisfaction is our greatest driving force for progress. We will continue to work hard to meet customer needs with better quality and high-quality services. Our pyrolysis equipment mainly processes solid waste and hazardous waste such as waste tires, waste plastics, aluminum-plastic, solar photovoltaic panels, etc. We have a professional technical team and R&D team, which can timely and effectively help customers solve different equipment problems and various production problems. We can customize cracking equipment with different processing capacities according to customer needs. If you have any questions, you can consult us. />

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